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    January 22, 2019
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    IAFF Firehouse Training Webcasts
    Suncoast Firefighters
    Peer Support Resources
    IAFF 1826
    I-25 MVA Rollover
    South Metro Firefighters IAFF LOCAL 2086
    Landmark Way High Angle Rescue
    South Metro Firefighters IAFF LOCAL 2086
    Marion Street Structure Fire
    South Metro Firefighters IAFF LOCAL 2086
    Picadilly Ct. Structure Fire
    South Metro Firefighters IAFF LOCAL 2086
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  • Current Platoon Assignments
    Platoon 1 Platoon 2 Platoon 3 Platoon 4

    Battalion Chief

    Tracy Montoya

    Battalion Chief

    Keith Wucik

    Battalion Chief

    Gregory Despathy

    Battalion Chief

    Scott Merchant

    Captain (SQ. A)

    Marc Benjamin

    Captain (SQ. A)

    Allyn Fitch

    Captain (SQ. A)

    Michael Dziavit

    Captain (SQ. A)

    Scott Suplita

    LT Tim Teper (E3) LT Chris Zaugg (E2) LT Matt Reissner (E3) LT Nathan Kannas (E2)
    LT Glenn Watts (E2) LT Scott Belleville (E3) LT Patrick Curtin (E2) LT Mark Sicuso (E3)
    FF Derek Ouillette (T1) FF Mark Espinoza (T1) FF Jen Burdy (SQ. A) FF Michael Stadnicki (T1)
    FF William Wrobel (E3) FF Stephen Fricke (SQ. A) FF Marc Landry (E3) FF Dan Armstrong (E3)
    FF Nick Mathieu (T1) FF Joseph Donahoe (T1) FF Will Krukoff (T1) FF Scott Beaudry (E3)
    FF Kyle Seitz (E3) FF Ryan Southworth (E2) FF Brian Fee (E3) FF David Rose (T1)
    FF Mike Podzaline (T1) FF Michael Christoff (T1) FF Andrew Cooke (T1) FF Dennis Blanchard (SQ. A)
    FF Jay Wetherell (E2) FF Adam Griffin (E2) FF Brendan Johnson (T1) FF Andrew Thomasson (T1)
    FF Chris Paige (SQ. A) FF Costa Konstantinidis (E3) FF Ryan Flaherty (E2) FF Terry Cooper (E2)
    FF James Justice (E2)

    Probationary FF

    Joseph Muscarella (E3)

    FF Alex John (E2) FF James Justice (SQ. A)

    Probationary FF

    Kafi Davis (SQ. A)

    FF VACANCY (SQ. A) FF Paul Tardif (E2)

    Fire Marshal's Office
    Captain James Roberts Q134
    Inspector Joe Crowley Q135
    Inspector Mark Gilot Q136

    Director of Training/Safety
    Jake Manke CAR 10

    Norwich Fire Dept. Haz-Mat Team
    Platoon 1
    LT. Watts
    FF Podzaline
    FF Paige
    Platoon 2
    LT. Zaugg
    LT. Belleville
    FF Fricke
    FF Donahoe
    FF Southworth
    FF Griffin
    Platoon 3
    CAPT. Dziavit
    LT. Reissner
    LT. Curtin
    FF Landry
    FF Cooke
    FF Johnson
    Platoon 4
    LT. Sicuso
    FF Blanchard
    FF Thomasson
    FF Cooper

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